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There are moments when plans come together, pieces fall into place, and everything is aligned. During these moments, amazing things happen... anything is possible. During these moments, we change the world.




We are a team of creative storytellers, branding consultants and social media managers. We create moments like these for you and your business, perfectly aligning your brand, your message, and your sales... forging a powerful experience for your audience and a compelling engagement between you and your customer.




We first gain a deep understanding of your business and your audience, focusing as much on data as on creatives. We then develop marketing strategies that attract, engage, and evangelize your consumers by tailoring scalable campaigns that create genuine connections, guiding prospects to advocacy, converting leads to revenue.

We connect dots, and we connect people, invigorating your brand, enhancing your influence, and helping your business thrive.

The LKE Behind LKE

As the founder of LKE PR, a full-service social media management company, Lisa England oversees day to day operations, including social media content creation, curation, management, and marketing. Lisa's client list includes The Daytime Emmy Awards, The Hollywood Museum, The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, as well as many celebrities, national book releases, and events. Lisa was invited to speak at a SAG/AFTRA panel focused on the power and the need for social media in the entertainment industry. The panel was created by voice over artist, Bob Bergen,  after losing a part to another actor who had a larger social media following.

Lisa began her career in public relations, working with the premier Los Angeles theatre publicity firm, Davidson and Choy. During her seven years with their firm, she worked on the Los Angeles premiers of "Wicked", "The Producers", "Hairspray", "Mamma Mia", "The Vagina Monologues", and countless other successful productions. For many years, Lisa managed Walt Disney Imagineering's annual international Imaginations Design Competition, theatre festivals, individual actor and author publicity campaigns.

As social media began to change how brands interacted with their customers and fan base, Lisa saw the need to integrate social media with publicity, soon creating and managing the firm's new social media department. As no other publicity firm was offering social media campaigns to their clients, Lisa began immersing herself in social media management and marketing panels, classes and forums.


Lisa's reputation as a trusted, creative and dynamic presence in the social media world vaulted her career. She decided to branch out and create her own company, and now her team creates, manages and helps market social media content with a proven foundation in publicity and audience engagement.

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Lisa K England

Anthony Spear

With his extensive background in graphic design, animation, and video production, Anthony's creativity and technical knowledge brings new ideas and ways to enhance the visual and audio experience of LKE clients.

Technical Director

"Lisa England is bright, honest, thorough, and tenacious as hell! She cares for her clients and works tirelessly on their behalf. I'm lucky to have her on my side."

David Misch

Author "Funny: The Book"

"Lisa England is the best in the business!"

Raymond J Barry


"Lisa is creative and strategically-minded, which are both matched with leading experience to execute a brand's social media strategy, as well as professionalism that is one-of-a-kind."

Alex Bryant

Daytime Emmy Awards

We work with companies you know well
and organizations you'll know soon.
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Content creation, curation and management. 

Social Media Training and Management
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